When tenants require specific customizations, we provide responsive and personalized services from start to finish.

Gallery of Custom Build-Outs

We are happy to provide custom build outs, meeting the specific needs your organization requires. We are excited to show off some of our projects, including investments in solar energy which allows us to pass the savings back to your business.

Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute

An Educational Laboratory

The Blackburn Business Center was able to meet the unique business needs of the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute in a space that’s ideal for their mission. Lab space, academic building codes, and a non-profit budget made this a challenge we readily accepted. The potential bio-medical waste required special materials, plumbing pipes, safety apparatus, and a special HVAC system. They are now poised to to become a world-class marine biotechnology research institute, built on the rich heritage of Gloucester’s maritime history, catalyzing a biotechnology hub that will sustain Gloucester and the Cape Ann economy for the 21st century and beyond.

Cape Ann Brewery

An Local Independent Microbrewery

The Cape Ann Brewery required extensive renovations. The systems used throughout the brewery are very robust and commercial sized, including a large drive-in cooler where the finished product is stored. The equipment is frequently washed, requiring large amounts of very hot water, emptying into an extensive, under-slab drainage system. A second-floor warehouse required a complex, engineered support system. Finally, the power needs for the space, particularly for the cooler and caning machinery, were significant and enhanced appropriately.

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